Sunday, September 13, 2009

Animals in People Magazine

so i was reading the people magazine the other day and i came to a page about animals. the article was about animals that needed artificial limbs because they were in accidents. the first article was a dolphin that needed a artificial tail. the dolphin got caught in a crab trap and lost its tail. it was only three months old at the time and they did not think she was going to survive so they brought her to a marine center. after months of swimming with no tail, the marine center got it an artificial tail that helps the dolphin learn the up and down motion that dolphin's use to glide through the ocean. another story was about a turtle that got hurt in a shark attack. in order to save the turtle people used a surf board to recreate the back of its shell and fin. the amazing things about these stories is the dedication people have towards their animals. people will go to any lengths to help these animals that cannot help themselves.